Privacy Policy

The privacy of your data is a top priority for us, and we are committed to respecting and protecting it. As one of our students, this policy describes how we deal with your data in relation to commercial activities, programs, customer service, and our electronic services.

Information we collect

Our website collects data in the framework of carrying out its activities and services. We also collect personal data, in certain areas when you register or submit, or subscribe in order to receive newsletters and alerts that we publish, or in order to participate in the activities that we hold.

The information we collect may include your name, address, phone number and email address.

On occasion, we may automatically collect information about the devices that you use to interact with our websites, and it may include IP address, device ID, and browsing information collected through cookie information and other tracking technologies.

We may also automatically collect information related to how you use our website, such as the information you search for on our website, and the data that you have displayed, and we may also collect data related to you from third parties, in the path of conducting our commercial activities, including customer service activities, and integrate This data and combined with the data available to us, and we use it for the purposes of benchmarking, data analysis, and traffic levels, and we always make sure that the third party has informed you of their use and our use of this data.

Use of the information

Our website uses your personal information to fulfill your requests to obtain information about us, our programs and services, to process your requests to obtain it, and to customize the content offered to you on our website, we also use it to evaluate and improve our services, send alerts and newsletters, employee evaluation, performance analyzes and fraud prevention.

We also use the information in order to enforce the terms of privacy, comply with all applicable laws, and meet the services you request, and we may keep any of your personal data in a file and use it to contact you.

It should be noted that our website does not track your online activity, or collect personal data about it.

Our legal basis for processing your data

In processing the data provided to us, we follow the following principles:

  • Our legitimate interests, in order to design, improve, and promote our programs, build relationships and provide services.
  • You have indicated consent to use it, for example in cases of applying or subscribing to newsletters.
  • In cases where providing the information is necessary to fulfill our legal obligations.

Data recipients and transmissions

The information that our website collects is stored on servers, and is not transferred unless it is required as a procedure to perform the service or according to the request of the subscriber, or according to the context of conducting commercial activities, including some customer services.

Our website will not intentionally disclose or transfer data to third parties without your consent or as permitted by law, and our website may provide access to your personal data to third-party service providers with whom we deal in order to provide your services.


Our website implements high standards concerned with technological and operational security to protect the data we have collected, whether from misuse, alteration or destruction, as this data can only be accessed by website employees, service providers, and authorized by the website, and they are obligated to deal with the data privately and confidentially.

Data retention

Our company keeps the data with it as necessary it deems it, throughout the term of the business relationship, and we may keep it for a longer period than needed in order to protect our company against legal demands, or for the purpose of using it in data analysis and comparisons.

Your rights

Under applicable law, you have the right to request access to the data that we have collected about you, to review it, to request the amendment or to request its deletion, and if you ask us to delete your data, our company will make reasonable attempts to delete it.

Agree to the privacy policy

By submitting through us, you agree to our collection, use and storage of your data in the manner described above in the Privacy Policy, and in the event that we make changes to the Privacy Policy, we will notify you and obtain your consent regarding any material change that may occur.