Our Partners

In Coursies.com, we have strong and well-established relationships that link us with a wide selection of institutes around the world, which contribute with us to support students, help them and answer their questions while at the institute in order to follow up on the student’s achievement level and overcome obstacles in front of him to achieve the highest levels and beyond Objectives.

We are always keen on "Coursies.com" to expand our network of relations with institutes spread all over the world in order to reach the finest institutes and provide what the student needs.

We have a large team of specialists, consultants and implementers who helped thousands of students to join the institutes they are looking for, and they provide advice and guidance that helps the student choose the most appropriate course for their level and in the place of study they wish to go to achieve great goals on the educational and career levels.

In Coursies.com, we have provided you with more than 2,500 language courses and packages that are offered to students from all over the world and through our partners from institutes around the world.

We are proud of our partners with more than 250 specialized, prominent and accredited language institutes locally and internationally in language teaching.

Which has been selected with careful analysis, control and care. Our team includes a group of international observers and consultants in the quality management of institutes and places of residence of all kinds.

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