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In our consultations, we are always keen to understand all the different data, aspects and influences of the student on the continuation of his inspiring career in language learning.

This gives you sufficient vision and lighting to choose the appropriate study program for you and choose the services that help you have an enjoyable learning experience, such as: consultations for choosing from the courses offered by the schools, and consultations on the programs that require university approval, which will help you build your future plan properly and clearly.

Where the academic advisor provides appropriate advice and guidance to the student by assisting in:

  • Determine student goals.
  • Determine the student's language level.
  • Determine the most appropriate country and city for the student.
  • Choose the type of course best suited to the student.

Determine student goals

The academic advisor guides and assists the student in determining the goals he intends to reach, such as: preparing for the TOEFL or IELTS test, developing the language level, or for tourism or others, and helping to build the most appropriate goals for the student in which he is able to achieve the highest achievements.

Determine the student's language level

The counselor talks with the student to measure the language level that he has, and this may require a quick online test to determine the applicant’s level. Accordingly, the consultant will direct the student to choose the most appropriate course for the student.

In addition to that, students are also given an exam on the first day of school at the school.

Quickly measure your level on our website via the link: Language Test

Determine the most appropriate country and city for the student

The ideal choice for the country and the city of study provides the student with many unique and fruitful advantages in learning, by learning the language through experts who speak the native language and in the original environment for language learning.

The student also has a choice in determining this, as experts advise cities where there are fewer native speakers of the novice student.

Depending on the many requirements and goals that the student seeks to achieve, the counselor offers the most appropriate options.

Choose the type of course, school and city best suited to the student

Based on the above in terms of the student’s academic and academic goals, level, etc., in addition to the experience of the academic advisor, the best options for the student are presented.

Note that the consultation is free of charge.

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