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Student Visa

Student Visa

Note that most countries require a student visa. Therefore, we are keen on making it easier for the student to obtain this type of visa, and we apply for a study visa based on three basic factors.

The first factor: The selected country.
It is obvious that applying for a UK study visa if the student’s destination is to study in UK, and the same is true for other countries that require a study visa.

The second factor: The course duration.
This is closely related to the period of the visa, which should be valid throughout the period of time in the country.

This allows us to choose the type of visa that is appropriate for the student’s study period.

The third factor: The number of hours of the course.
This factor is also closely related to determining the type of visa.

Our role in applying for study visas as follow:

  • filling the application.
  • Submit the application to the embassy of the selected country.
  • Follow up papers completely and directly with the embassy.
  • Determine the date of the interview for the student.
  • Inform the student of the date of the interview at the embassy.
  • The documents are prepared to be provided to the embassy by the student.
  • Follow up with the student to attend the interview.
  • After the last step, the student receives his passport and provides us with a copy of the visa approval.
  • After that, the procedures will be followed up by us.

We remain in constant contact with the student and directly for continuous guidance and direction.

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