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One of the most prominent services that we provide to students is the housing reservation service in the place of residence in the country in which the student will begin his studies.

There are three types of accommodation and accommodation reservations available:

  • The first type: Homestay.
  • The second type: student residence.
  • The third type: an independent apartment or hotel.

Where a list of the best residencies that meet the student’s needs, desires, and conditions is provided, thus achieving a very exciting and enjoyable learning experience.

Our education counselors advise that junior students in learning the language should reside with a local family, because that has a prominent role in learning the language in the original interactive environment and within a family that speaks and practices the language being the mother tongue.

Also, the student can choose the type of environment in which he would like to interact.

For example, the student can choose a youth environment or an independent environment that understands privacy, or other suggestions that suit the student and make the environment an effective element in language learning.

We continuously follow up on the arrangements and reservations of accommodation and stays of all kinds, and we ensure the provision of services that the student has chosen, such as food services and other meal types.

As we are in direct and continuous contact with residential residencies, and the availability of services is directly supervised that best suit the needs of the resident student.

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