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Acceptance team always works to follow up on applications received from students wishing to enroll in one of the high-quality accredited language schools spread all over the world.

As we are in constant and direct contact with the best schools around the world. The application forms for admission to the school are filled in a professional manner that fully complies with the conditions for admission to study at the school in addition to submitting the student papers and documents to the selected school.

While knowing all the conditions for application, the application mechanism, how to properly apply for the study at the school and filling out the study and admission application form, in addition to attaching the complete papers, we follow up the progress of the application case directly with the school in terms of obtaining the acceptance and final approval to start studying at the specified dates.

After that, the validity of the data entered in the application shall be fully and definitively verified.

In conclusion, the student is provided with the final and formal admission from the school in addition to the website approval that is granted to the student.

No submission fees for services provided by us.

We guarantee that we will not charge you any additional fees such as reservation fees, application fees or consultation fees for basic services.

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