About Coursies

Coursies.com is a booking platform that specializes in facilitating admission procedures and allows students to easily search and book all their language courses from language schools locally and abroad. Through it, you can search, compare and directly book language courses in more than ten countries to learn the language, and it also helps to make the study abroad process more easy, comfortable, and in the easiest way.

You can choose the schools, courses, and type of accommodation that suit you in the destination of your choice.

The website provides all necessary services to our students, which they may need, and these services include the following:

  • It facilitates the research process for the student as it provides you with many options to suit your requirements and needs.
  • View course information in an easy and simple way and choose the most appropriate course for you based on your level and goals.
  • It provides accommodation information for the student, whether it is a homestay, student residence, and more.
  • It provides information related to accommodation such as room type, type of meals, accommodation costs, student health insurance, airport pick-up, study visa, and more.
  • Coursies.com website includes information about the school and pictures of it.
  • It provides the service of applying and obtaining admission from the school, applying and obtaining a visa, as well as health insurance, coordination of airport pick up, and assistance in booking flight tickets.
  • Coursies.com helps the student to facilitate the payment for schools and follow-up for the student and provides the student with full support during, before, and after travel.

All of this and more on the Coursies website.