Partnering with Us

Our educational partners are of extreme importance to our team here at We strongly value the educational services they provide to international students and offer them our full set of services to aid them in their success.

- What do We do for Our Educational Partners?

  • Content localization: adapting the content to a local market and audience.
  • Support institutes as they foster increased brand exposure and break into new online marketplaces.
  • helping institute partners to reach the largest student segment in the world to meet all their needs and requirements.
  • Newsletter and Social Media Mentions
  • Dedicated Microsite Profile Page.
  • Displaying the institute information, such as school profile, photos, videos, the location, and the accreditation in a prominent and striking way to the students.
  • The website includes a team specializing in language studies, who take the initiative to help and guide students and fill out application forms in the correct way on behalf of the student, which is consistent with the admission criteria of the institutes, which saves time, effort and cost for the institutes and the student.

- Why to be Listed on

  • Wide International Brand Exposure

Get your brand exposed to your target market of students who wants to learn English – in a platform that they are familiar with.

  • Generate bookings

Mobile friendly with advanced transactional features to generate leads and booking. Bookings collected have conversion rates of up to 10%.

  • Continuous R&D

Since Coursies website is already hosted, you enjoy the benefit of continuous improvements and upgrades without the need for disruptive new installations.

  • Recruitment & Enrolment

We don’t just list. We are also able to carry out counseling for the leads generated all the way to successful enrolment.

- Our Value for You


We promote your institution to students and market on your behalf. All the while, representing you professionally, accurately, honestly, and ethically in a language accessible to our students.


We provide market intelligence and updates pertaining to our geographic region of expertise, including changing trends and student attitudes and perceptions towards our client institutions.


We attract and recruit the best, most qualified students who will succeed at your institution. We are also able to carry out counseling to the leads generated all the way to successful enrolment.


We ensure timely responses to admissions or requests for documentation, including accurate and up-to-date information on student status. Also submitted the application with complete and relevant documentation.

We are very open to partnerships and collaborations. If you have anything you would like to discuss with us, just fill out the form below and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are always looking forward to adding more distinguished institutes to our list of inspiring partners.

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