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Our educational partners are of extreme importance to our team here at We strongly value the educational services they provide to international students and offer them our full set of services to aid them in their success.

What We Do for Our Students

Student Consultancy : In our consultations, we are always keen to understand all the different data, aspects and influences of the student on the continuation of his inspiring career in language learning. This gives the student a sufficient vision and lighting to choose the appropriate study program for the student and choose the services that help the student to have an enjoyable learning experience, such as: consultations for choosing from the courses offered by the schools, and consultations on the programs that require university approval, which will help the student build their future plan properly and clearly by determine student goals, language level, most appropriate country and city for the student and choose the type of course best suited to the student.

School Admission : team always works to follow up on applications received from students wishing to enroll in one of the accredited language schools spread all over the world. The application forms form admission to the school are filled in a professional manner that fully complies with the conditions to study at the school in addition to submitting the student papers and documents to the selected school. While knowing all the conditions for application, the application mechanism, how to properly apply for the study at the school and filling out the study and application form, in addition to attaching the complete papers, we follow up the progress of the application case directly with the school in terms of obtaining the acceptance and final approval.

Student Lodgment : One of the most prominent services that we provide to students is the housing reservation service in the place of residence in the country in which the student will begin his studies. Where a list of the best residencies that meet the student’s needs, desires, and conditions is provided, thus achieving a very exciting and enjoyable learning experience. We continuously follow up on the arrangements and reservations of accommodation and stays of all kinds, and we ensure the provision of services that the student has chosen, such as food services and other meal types. As we are in direct and continuous contact with residencies, and the availability of services is directly supervised that best suit the needs of the resident student.

Airport Pick-Up : Our team works hard to make the travel quiet and comfortable, away from the things that distract the student from his goal. We contact the school directly and prepare the appropriate coordination to pick up the student so, that the school present finds the student and escorts him/her from the airport to the place of residence or to his destination. The airport pick mechanism from the airport is done based on the student’s reservations for the flight ticket and based on the rest of the information that he/she has previously determined.

Flight Tickets : Our team works constantly and in direct and continuous contact with the student to help him and direct him to the most appropriate tickets within the airlines available to him. We should ensure that the student is comfortable in order for him to have an enjoyable, safe and beneficial travel experience at the same time. Therefore, we always strive to assist the student in choosing the appropriate airport, the most appropriate flight time, flight plan and the best airline ticket for him. Where our team is keen to guide the best for the smooth running of the trip.


Marketing : We promote your institution to students and market on your behalf. All the while, representing you professionally, accurately, honestly, and ethically in a language accessible to our students.

Insights : We provide market intelligence and updates pertaining to our geographic region of expertise, including changing trends and student attitudes and perceptions towards our client institutions.

Recruitment : We attract and recruit the best, most qualified students who will succeed at your institution. We are also able to carry out counseling to the leads generated all the way to successful enrolment.

Proficiency : We ensure timely responses to admissions or requests for documentation, including accurate and up-to-date information on student status. Also submitted the application with complete and relevant documentation

Why to be listed on

Wide International Brand Exposure :

Get your brand exposed to your target market of students who wants to learn English – in a platform that they are familiar with.

Generate bookings :

Mobile friendly with advanced transactional features to generate leads and booking, Bookings collected have conversion rates of up to 10%.

Continuous R&D :

Since Coursies website is already hosted, you enjoy the benefit of continuous improvements and upgrades without the need for disruptive new installations.

Recruitment & Enrolment : 

We don’t just list. We are also able to carry out counseling for the leads generated all the way to successful enrolment.

We are very open to partnerships and collaborations. If you have anything you would like to discuss with us, simply fill out the form below and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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