Test your English level with Coursies

This is a free online English test for you to try. After you have submitted your answers you will be given an estimation of your current level of English. You can use the result to help you find the best course on our website that is designed for your level.

* Please choose one option for each question

  • 1) _____name is Robert.
    2) They_____from Spain.
    3) _____are you from?
    4) What do you do? I’m_____student.
    5) Peter_____at seven o’clock.
    6) _____you like this DVD?
    7) We_____live in a flat.
    8) Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,_____
    9) _____he play tennis?
    10) Have you_____a car?
    11) We don’t have_____butter.
    12) _____some money here.
    13) We_____got a garage.
    14) Those shoes are very_____
    15) Have you got a pen? Yes, I _____
    16) It is a busy,_____city.
    17) They_____at home yesterday
    18) I_____there for a long time.
    19) He didn’t_____glasses.
    20) The restaurant was_____busy.
    21) Do you like the red_____?
    22) He_____to Brazil on business.
    23) Yesterday was the_____of April.
    24) She’s got_____hair.
    25) I_____play football at the weekend.
    26) I_____in an armchair at the moment.
    27) My brother is older_____me.
    28) Their car is_____biggest on the road.
    29) It’s the_____interesting of his films.
    30) The phone’s ringing:_____answer it.
    31) Do you_____classical or rock music?
    32) He has_____breakfast.
    33) The_____have seen it before.
    34) I’ve never met an actor_____.
    35) _____is very good exercise.
    36) Have you_____been on a winter sports holiday?
    37) I can’t_____another language.
    38) They_____pay for the tickets.
    39) _____old is their car?
    40)Are you_____for one or two weeks?
    41) Stephen_____to visit his parents.
    42) I don’t_____getting up early.
    43) We_____like to see the mountains.
    44) They_____ever check their emails.
    45) They won’t come,_____they?
    46) He_____know how to spell it.
    47) Carla _____to the radio all morning.
    48) They_____come to the cinema with us.
    49) I like this song._____do I.
    50) We_____them at eight o’clock.