Kaplan International - Brisbane

Destination: Australia, Brisbane
Kaplan International - Brisbane

Kaplan International - Brisbane

Kaplan International was founded in 1938 in New York. Since then, it expands its network until it has 42 schools to teach English. These schools are located in Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland, and the United States, and they are accredited by organizations in all their countries. In addition to English courses, it also offers its students housing services.

About The School


Kaplan International - Brisbane Kaplan International - Brisbane


  • General Course: The maximum duration for the booing is 17 weeks.
  • General Course is not suitable for visa holders.
  • General Course for visitor visa available only for 12 weeks.
  • Health Insurance is compulsory for student visa holders



City Name | Brisbane
Population: 2406000

It lies in eastern Australia overlooking the Coral Sea and is the third-most populous city in Australia. It has picturesque nature, good residents and many green spaces. It also includes several English language institutes, so that students can study the language and enjoy the city.